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Isis Erotica Book III - The Great Green Sandra Gore

Isis Erotica Book III - The Great Green

Sandra Gore

Published March 10th 2012
Kindle Edition
65 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

The Isis Erotica Trilogy - This is romantic erotica with a story - an edgy, smart, time travel adventure tale set in Las Vegas and Ancient Egypt with intrigue and action between the torrid love scenes. But if you want to jump right to the juicy parts, just follow the links at the very beginning. They’ll take you straight to those steamy vignettes.Yes, this is a magical mystery tour through ancient Egypt, but let me assure you that there’s plenty of sex - and it’s hot, sensual, explicit, and tasteful. Sacred sexuality at its best.The Hathor Power. They teach in the temple that there’s an animal energy in us that conjures up base desire mingled with the potent allure of intense sensuality and deep mystery. The magical spell of the goddess Hathor transforms raw lust into the promise of pleasure and satisfaction known only by the gods.“I have secrets,” her aura teased. “Wonderful secrets that only I can share.”Book One: The Red Mirror. Who knew an old mirror in an antique store would promise pleasures more sensuous than any dream? Isis meets River God of bronzed flesh and snowy linen, the man with The Touch. She will do anything to feel that touch, even cross through time.Book Two: The Persian General. A wild desert hunt goes all wrong when Isis is kidnapped by the Persian General. A bull of a man with legs like the columns of a temple, he holds her life in his thick fingers in that tent. But Isis has a destiny, and Isis has the Power - the Hathor Power.Book Three: The Emerald Tablet. Isis is the chosen one, chosen by her father Hermes Trismegistus to protect the Emerald Tablet. But Isis needs protection herself from the evil Crown Prince and the invading Persians. Cosmic forces bring together the circle of souls in two passion-filled nights - one below deck on River God’s ship on the Nile and the other on the Las Vegas Strip.Four hot men. They all want her. Who will have her? Does she have to choose?Who says a woman should have only one man?Who says there’s a Mr. Right?One man and one life are not enough for Isis. She has the Power.