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Plan A:  An Optimist Prepares For Y2 K Judith A. Cummings

Plan A: An Optimist Prepares For Y2 K

Judith A. Cummings

Published January 1st 1998
ISBN : 9780966834802
Unknown Binding
154 pages
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 About the Book 

Filling the need for a practical yet upbeat guide for the average American on preparing for Y2K, this book explains the changes and inconveniences that may occur as computers deal with the century date change to Year 2000. For each of more than twenty-five key services, resources and records, the reader is shown both specific Y2K vulnerabilities and the steps to take to minimize Y2K inconveniences. Worksheets to help create a personal Plan A for Y2K preparation are provided for each key service, resource and record. Among the worksheets to help the reader determine what should be done to prepare for possible Y2K-related problems are those covering air travel, financial institutions, electricity, child support enforcement, mortgage payments, government checks, food, credit reports, cash, stocks and many more.While the book will be useful to those who do not have access to the internet, households which are connected to the net will find several shortcuts to ! getting up-to-date information on Y2K. More than 200 websites are identified including industry sites explaining remediation efforts, government sites with Y2K testimony from companies and federal agencies, commentator sites with the full spectrum of Y2K views and predictions, and preparation sites with hundreds of tips. Readers are provided with four simple monitoring plans to assist them in managing the wealth of on-line information. Also included are suggestions for those without work or home access to the World Wide Web on finding on-line Y2K information by using public libraries or by enlisting one of the most internet-savvy resources, school age children, as researchers.This is an optimistic take on Y2K readiness. It is based upon information available through mid-October 1998. If a reader determines, after monitoring the Y2K resources identified in the book, that optimism is not warranted, he or she will find useful information in Plan B: The Pessimists Addendum. T! his section of the book summarizes the case for believing t! hat there will be a Y2K crisis and directs the reader to several resources on more drastic preparation steps.