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Foundations of Wisdom Richard Hockett

Foundations of Wisdom

Richard Hockett

Published May 28th 2009
ISBN : 9781607917137
136 pages
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 About the Book 

These insights from the book of Proverbs have been in development for many years, originally put together as lessons for the authors young children, then used to teach adults in many different churches and even Christian high schools. The author continues to explore the lessons of wisdom in his own life, his family, his work in industry, in various churches, and in the lives of other adults. This book lays out some of the foundations of wisdom as found in the book of Proverbs. Four basic responses to wisdom define and affect us throughout our lives: the responses of the Simple, the Mocker, the Fool, and the Wise. Wisdom in the church is part of Gods eternal plan in Christ Jesus our Lord (Ephesians 3:10-11). It is hoped that the insights of this book will help to bring more wisdom into the lives of Christians in the church today, both for their personal benefit and for the purposes of Gods eternal plan. Dick Hockett and his wife Betty currently live in San Jose, CA, where they attend a local church. They have two married children and six young grandchildren. Dick works in the high-tech industry in Silicon Valley and has taught Bible studies for many years both in California and in the Midwest.