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The Continuum Chronicles: Of Death and Destiny David N. Mayes

The Continuum Chronicles: Of Death and Destiny

David N. Mayes

Published March 15th 2013
Kindle Edition
146 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Atlantis is at the early stage of its development. A ruthless and devious baron hires a group of assassins to murder the royal family. The baron then declares himself Emperor. In turn the assassins are betrayed and killed by the new Emperor’s soldiers. They find themselves in the deepest depths of Hell, as a result of a curse by a witch they murdered.The Empress, who has escaped the slaughter of the royal family, facilitates her son’s escape. A mysterious wise man known as the Monitor takes the prince under his care. Under the Monitor’s skilful tutorage the prince acquires great skills and they have many adventures together, in the dangerous environment around them.The Monitor is from a distant world, in another galaxy and relates the story of the development of his planet, Galenos. The planet has developed much like earth and the Monitor describes how it confronted issues like global warming, economic turbulence and conflict between the various nations. This conflict eventually resulted in global nuclear war, where the planet’s population is reduced from 8 to less than 2 billion people.A star ship appears over Galenos, crewed by a species known as the Watchers. They assist the planet recover from the war and forge a united, golden future. The Watchers then leave Galenos and eventually take up orbit around the Earth. Due to severe star ship malfunction, exacerbated when travelling through an unstable worm hole in space, they are responsible for the destruction of the dinosaurs.