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Gender Bender Variety (3 Erotic Short Stories) Jessie Krowe

Gender Bender Variety (3 Erotic Short Stories)

Jessie Krowe

Published December 24th 2012
Kindle Edition
30 pages
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 About the Book 

This bundle contains three erotic stories: Clone Fucker, Gender Bender Billionaire 1, and Gender Bender Brother: Locker Room Gangbang. For Adult Readers Only!Clone FuckerThe year is 2041. We find ourselves following the life of Jamie, a college bookworm who had never even kissed a boy let alone experience the pleasure of sex. To most of her classmates, she was a shy nerd that nobody bothered.What happens when shes allowed to express all of her hidden sexual desires on a clone of her with a certain extra apendage?***Gender Bender Billionaire 1Chad Worthington got lucky in the stock market and became a billionaire overnight. He flaunted his money around to get the ladies, but one night at a strip club he upsets the wrong woman who curses him, causing him to take the appearance of a buxom lady he met earlier. He is transformed from brackish billionaire to sexy stripper in a house full of horny businessmen! How will SHE get out of this?***Gender Bender Brother 1: Locker Room GangbangOver-protective brother Nick wakes up to suddenly realize hes trapped in his slutty twin sister Kaylees body. When entering the locker room at school, he realizes hes locked in with 3 boys including his sisters boyfriend, Tobias. Who will he have to fuck using his sisters body to get out of there?Warning: These stories contain scenes of futuristic clone sex, chicks with dicks, voyeur masturbation, reluctant sex gangbang erotica, and hermaphrodite sex.