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Mickey Mary Chase


Mary Chase

Published January 28th 1998
ISBN : 9780822207528
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 About the Book 

As outlined in the Rocky Mountain Journal: At five, Mickey, a vain and homely girlchild, being taken to visit a farm couple, Mr. and Mrs. Potts, had refused to return to her mothers house and had been left to continue her life with the Potts. The real reason for wanting to stay had been her stumbling on a fairy castle embedded in the hill behind the farm. It is occupied by a Duchess, a General, and an English nobleman, all with beautiful manners. These little folk are puppets- they seem true fairies in their elaborate castle. Mickey has become their pet- they have tremendous love for children more possessive than parents love, actually, and they are stricken when, at twelve years of age, Mickey is to be taken away by her mother, her younger brother Colin and sister Nancy. The Potts have sold the farm- Mickey must go home The Duchess, the General and Sir Edward, however, plan to retrieve Mickey. They dig a tunnel all the way into Mickeys closet in town and lure her, her brother and sister back to them. But now in the tunnel, the children are transformed into Little People too. They become puppets, carved and dressed to resemble the actors who play Mickey, Colin and Nancy. Reality does as it should in a fairy tale it goes away. And fantasy reigns, until Mickey and her family come to terms, and live happily ever after.