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10-Pak on Tap Northern Calif Steve       Johnson

10-Pak on Tap Northern Calif

Steve Johnson

Published April 28th 2005
ISBN : 9780753458402
Board Book
24 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Animal Babies Around the House by Vicky Weber shows six household pets and introduces the term for each baby and mother.A close-up photograph of a portion of a baby animal is followed by a photo of that baby with its mother. Animals shown are kitten - cat, fry - goldfish, puppy - dog, pup - guinea pig, bunny - rabbit, and baby - parrot.Much of the text follows the same pattern: animal sound, fact about the animal, and the question: Who is my mommy? On the following page the pattern is My mommy is a _______, I am her _______. Children can try to guess what kind of animal the baby is, using word clues and the photo details. The final page asks the reader what they and their mother talk about.This board book will appeal to its target audience. It also can be used as an easy beginning reader, with its large font and sentence pattern with lots of repetition. 3.5 stars.For ages 2 to 6, animals babies, pets, and fans of this series.