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Jesse James John Ernst

Jesse James

John Ernst

ISBN : 9780135096956
76 pages
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 About the Book 

I really enjoyed reading this book- I thought that it was excellent. I would recommend this book to anyone who has any interest in action, gun fights, robberies, or cowboys. This book kept me drawn in throughout the whole story. There were no boring parts of this story. If I would have written this there is nothing I would change. This book was not similar to anything I have read before- I have never read a book about an outlaw or a cowboy. Jesse James is definitely a five star book.John Ernst Wrote this book as a narration. I believe that Ernsts choice of writing Jesse James as a narration was a very effective one. Through this way of explaining you truly get to get the most information compacted into the book without skipping detail. This shows the journey through not only Jesse but also those who rode with him and his family, which would not have been able to have been done through other styles of writing. You get a true understanding for the life that Jesse James lived.The theme of the book is that punishment will eventually catch up to you in some way. Jesse may have gone years without being punished by law himself but he saw friends and family killed, injured, and torn apart. The repeated message is that your acts can not only hurt you but they can also hurt those that you care for. I thought that the author’s purpose of writing this book was made to inform those who are interested like him in robbers, outlaws, or Jesse James, those who are interested in any of those topics would most likely read this book. The point of view was 3rd person limited.