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Ann Patchett

Published September 25th 2007
ISBN : 9780061363528
Audio CD
9 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

This claptrap pile of PC bullshit was built for Oprahs Book Snub. Sainted mothers come in black and white- issues of race and grief receive a sponge-over paint job that would make Bob Ross happy little trees wilt and die. Matchstick characters are globbed together with gooey dialogue that spills from their cardboard souls.Everybodys so goddamned pious, righteous and waxen that you pray for an axe-wielding murderer to crop up and start hacking the shit out of these uber-annoying stick figures and their politically correct lives. To call these things characters would imply that they had some.Aside from Truth and Beauty, I would stay away from anything written by Ann Patchett. Shes more catholic than Tom Clancy if thats possible... and so out of tune with her own sexuality that its painful to read her desperate attempts at inking passion or love... beyond some over-simplified, idealized tripe weighted with lazy Christian morality and a despicable PCness that permeates your being like a sniff of ammonia and feels as natural as a hospital corner bed sheet cramping your big toe.Fie on this book, I say. Fie